Motril Police Crack Down

MOT Muzzled Dog on LeadMotril put into motion, during the second half of last month, a scheme to deal with dangerous dog breeds and canine defecation on public streets.

The Councillor for Citizen Safety, María Ángeles Escámez, says that they regularly receive complaints from locals that irresponsible neighbours let their dogs wander and defecated wherever they want.

“Locals tell us that young people are meeting up in public parks with dogs breeds that are potentially dangerous, without using leads or muzzles.

For these reasons from the 17th to the 23rd of last month police officers were out patrolling with microchip readers checking that the animals are properly registered and that they are being walked in a responsible manner. They will concentrate especially on parks at times when these meet ups have been taking place.

As far as dangerous breeds goes, the most common infractions are that the person has more than one of these dogs with him and/or, the animal is not wearing a muzzle. Add to that some owners lack a civil-responsibility insurance and the administrative licence necessary.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical Granada, Andalucia)

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