Salobreña’s Vandalism Problem

SAL Vandalism 01 OnLLast year saw a large increase in vandalism in Salobreña, targeting public spaces such as parks and monuments, as well as municipal buildings.

During one weekend mid December, for example the Parque Nuevo was ‘visited’ and the statue adorned with graffiti including swastika.

The wildlife in the park in La Caleta was also targeted with a dead duck left on the ground in a bag. Another duck had suffered injuries, no doubt after receiving a blow. This second duck is being looked after by a local until it recovers.

On the other side of the coin, at the beginning of December one vandal, guilty of spray painting graffiti in the Paseo de Las Flores, appeared before a magistrate and was sentenced, according to the Mayor.

In that case, a 24-year-old Motril man has ridden into the Paseo de Las Flores on a small motorbike (it is a pedestrian-only area) and one of the neighbours had seen him, made a note of the numberplate and informed the municipal police.

He has been sentenced to pay 450 euros in compensation to the Town Hall in order to reimburse the cost of cleaning off the six individual grafittis committed in the evening of the 31st of March.

The problem is that the Policía Local can only count on five police officers at the moment – the Mayor says that she intends to double the number. As for the Guardia Civil, as it is a rural HQ, the police officers there are stretched over several municipalities in their patrol work, from Otívar to Vélez Benaudalla.

The Mayor admits that it is disheartening as anything new that goes up doesn’t last long before it comes to the attention of vandals – the posters announcing the Ruta de Los Miradores didn’t even last a week.

She finished off by saying that they would like to put cameras in the parks, but it is very costly.

Readers might remember that about three years ago, thugs set dogs on the ducks in the Parque de la Fuente, killing 23. As if that were not enough, they also shot some with pellet guns.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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