Nightclub Fire Follow-Up

One of the nightclubs affected by the fire in Murcia on Sunday, resulting in 13 deaths, was illegal, as it had no licence.

SPN Murcia Fire AftermathIn fact, The City Hall had issued an order to the owners to cease activity and close the premises down in October 2022, which is still in force.

The City Hall must have known that this order had not been obeyed as the Fonda Milagros nightclub advertised all its events and parties on social media, so it was public knowledge that it was still open.

Consequently, the City Council explained in a press conference that, administratively, Teatre and Fonda Milagros were a single location (going under the name of the former), but they had been divided into two.

In January 2022, the Murcian council responded that this division represented a substantial modification of the conditions of the establishment and operation of the business, which is why it was urged to request a new opening license and the origial one that the Teatre nightclub initially had, issued in 2008, was no longer valid.

That same month, the City Council ordered the immediate cessation of the activity until the new license was obtained. The owners of Teatre appealed against the decision and the Council rejected this appeal by denying them commericial activity until the new project had been examined.

Despite all this, Fonda Milagros remained open until the night  of the fire.

During a press call announced by the City Council, journalists posed reproachful questions over the Council’s total inaction and failing to enforce its closure.

Lastly, yesterday afternoon the City Hall announced that the last of the five reported missing people, feared to have perished in the fire, had turned up, having been elsewhere on the night of the fire.

(News/Noticias: Murcia)

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