Prison for Driver over Bike Incident

A Granada law court has sentenced a driver to four years' imprisonment after having been found guilty of the attempted murder of a cyclist.

GRA VEG Quentar GR-3021The incident occurred during July, 2021 when the 33-year-old driver intentionally knocked down a cyclist on the GR-3021 near Quéntar causing him serious injuries.

The court heard how the driver had decided to take the car out, despite never having passed a driving test, around 08.30h on the 18th of that month.

He overtook two cyclists who recriminated him for passing them very fast and without respecting the established safety distance of 1.50m. This, by the way, also earnt him a fine of 2,160 euros.

A little later he pulled over and let them cycle past him before moving off and coming alongside one of them at the rear in order to knock one of them off by nudging him with the car. He then accelerated suddenly and rammed the leading cyclist from behind, “with the clear intention of ending his life,” reads the court sentence. The cyclist went over the top of the crash barrier and rolled some 30 metres down a barranco.

The driver then sped away only to be arrested a few days later.

His defence lawyer had declared that his client admitted his crime and thus, as an admittance of guilt, received only four years instead of the nine years that the Public Prosecutor had recommended.

The victim also declared before the judge at the trial and explained that he now suffered from chronic pain and had trouble carrying out certain physical tasks, such as cycling.

Besides the previous mentioned sum, the driver also has to pay out 61,379 euros in compensation to the victim, as well as the court costs, etc.

(News/Noticias: Quentar, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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