The Number of Emergency Calls

The emergency, call centre, 112 handled 9,312 incidents across Andalucía during this latest bank holiday, which ended yesterday.

AND Emergency Call Centre 112For the emergency services on special alert, the bank holiday began at 15.00h on Friday the 12th and ended at midnight (23.59h) on Monday, which is the period when there are the most vehicles on the road.

This figure is actually nearly 12% down on last year but that is because the August-15th bank holiday only had three days this year in comparison with the four in 2021.

Of the total number of calls, 4,519 were for medical emergencies, 1,824 were police issues, 779 were traffic related (breakdowns etc, not including accidents) and 455 were traffic accidents. Finally, 417 were related to forest fires.

The most intense period for the call operators was Sunday the 14th when 2,875 calls came in, with the busiest time on that day being between 11.00h and 12.00h when 145 calls came in.

As for a breakdown by provinces:

Málaga (2,482)
Sevilla (1,857),
Cádiz (1,288)
Granada (1,109)
Almería (780)
Huelva (662)
Jaén (585)
Córdoba (549).

(News: Andalucia)

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