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Town Hall Pays Out

This time it is the Almuñécar Town Hall that has to return money to taxpayers after over charging them for their property tax (IBI).

Good News for Pensioners

The Chairman of the Local Entity Council for Carchuna- Calahonda has announced that there will be a discount on rubbish tax for pensioners that receive less than 900 euros a month. It’s worth explaining that a ‘Local Entity’ is the term for an autonomous municipal annex of a larger town, in this case, of Motril.

Salobreña and its IBI

A series of events concerning the IBI (municipal property tax) took place over a span of four days in Salobreña, causing quite a stir.

Property Tax Overturned

The Supreme Court of Andalucía has declared as null and void the municipal council meeting that approved the rise in the IBI (property rates).

Local Politics

A couple of pieces regarding local politics (I told you elections were on the agenda, didn’t I?). Firstly, the PSOE has been complaining about the state of the facilities (nursing homes) for the elderly in both Salobreña and Lobres. Apparently, the facilities are worse than useless, Not even a glass of clean water is available,…

Rates Row Rages

The Mayoral edict has now been published, and does indeed propose an increased rate of local tax on what are considered to be ‘second homes.’

Targeting Outsiders? (I)

The Mayor of Salobreña, Avelino Menéndez, has been known to make controversial comments before, but in an attempt to justify the new IBI rates, he might have plunged himself in even deeper. Judge for yourself:

Targeting Outsiders (II)

Under the new IBI system, anyone that has a second home in Salobreña – and we’re talking about 8,000 second-home owners – will see their IBI contributions go up by 90%. But – and this is a big ‘but’ – Salobreña has the lowest IBI rates on the coast.

Tax on 2nd Homes

SAL Panaromic

The Town Hall is fund hungry; surprise, surprise, and just about any idea that gets the cash in is going to get a warm reception, so it should come as no surprise that IBI will be raised on second homes in the town.