Good News for Pensioners

The Chairman of the Local Entity Council for Carchuna- Calahonda has announced that there will be a discount on rubbish tax for pensioners that receive less than 900 euros a month. It’s worth explaining that a ‘Local Entity’ is the term for an autonomous municipal annex of a larger town, in this case, of Motril.

The discount is on house owners who are ’empadronado’ there, so foreign residents that use these houses as holiday homes won’t benefit from it. It is arguable, therefore, that the local council could be making the same error as the ex-Mayor of Salobreña who levied different property taxes, depending on whether the property owner was a registered resident (empadronado) or not.

Those pensioners who are entitled to this consideration will receive a different degree of discount, depending on the size of their pension: those who receive 500 euros or less will have a 100% discount; those who receive between 500 and 700 euros will receive a 75% discount, and finally the discount will be 50% if the property owner and all that live there have a combined income of between 700 and 900 euros.

The final obstacle is that the pension on which these discounts are based must be the only income perceived by the benefactor. Those interested must submit a claim before the 31st of December.

(News: Carchuna-Calahonda, Costa tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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