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Locals of Nerja are going to have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for their rubbish collections. Bear in mind that the rates for domestic rubbish collections have been static since 1992. The cost of the service was incorporated into the IBI, or local, property tax.

This move is the result of the Ministry of Tax Revenue’s (Hacienda) insistence that town halls have to pay off their debts to their local traders and suppliers, which in the case of Nerja, as of the end of last year, stood at 4.8m euros.

The Councillor for Hacienda, Antonio Villasclaras (PP), sought to justify this measure by pointing out that ‘there was no other option but to create another source of tax income’. He went on to explain that domestic rubbish collection costs the Town Hall 1.6m euros every year; an outlay that is not offset by direct income, he says.

The solution, explained, Sr Villasclaras, was to levy a tax of three euros per month, per household, which he hurriedly emphasised was well below what locals of neighbouring towns have to pay, citing Torrox, which charges twelve euros per household and Almuñécar, which charges 16 euros, to name but two.

He went on to explain that Nerja has 15,000 households within its municipality, which would produce a succulent 540,000 euros, as each household will have to pay a total of 36 euros per annum as of 2013. Finally, he announced that there would be discounts for those that are out of work or homes with large families.

You might be asking yourself about the IBI: if the domestic rubbish collection rate was eliminated as a separate tax to be included within the IBI, won’t the IBI have to be lowered so as not to pay twice for rubbish collection. Nice to see that you’re on the ball! The said councillor announced that the IBI will be reduced as of 2014 – apparently, it would be illegal to do it before then, he said.

Last but not least, the Councillor roundly denied that there would be any laying off of municipal workers or a reduction in their salaries.

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