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IBI Rise Remains

ALM Pleno on IBI OnL

There was quite a ding dong during the latest Plenary Meeting of the Almuñécar Town Council, concerning debt and a property-tax rise (IBI).

Non-resident Tax on Unmovable Property

Non Residents in Spain owning a property in Spain are like in most countries subject to taxes. In most cases the taxes related to a property that a non-resident will have to pay are less than what a resident would pay. Here is brief outline of what non-residents are expected to pay.

Motril Property Tax Too High?

In 2006 the Motril Town Hall under a coalition administration revised the Catastro, recalculating property values at the height of the boom. Consequently, the calculations are far removed from today’s reality.

Fined over Megaphone

The municipal police have opened up a fining process against one of the protesters that had gather in front of the town hall for breaking the local by-laws about noise.

IBI Increase Fixed at 20%

After a month of protests the Salobreña Mayor has announced that the proposed increase to the IBI (local property tax) will be ‘only’ 20&, instead of the originally announced percentage of 40%.