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Harsh Words Against Rojas

The Mayor of Salobreña, Gonzalo Fernández Pulido, had some harsh words for the ex-Mayor of Motril Carlos Rojas, who is now a regional MP and had appeared in the town to criticise the IBI increase.

Unruly Interruption

The Mayor of Salobreña is far from happy after protestors against the rise in the IBI tax forced their way into the Town Hall, causing abundant disruption.

IBI Up Again in Salobreña

The Salobreña Town Council has approved an increase in the IBI (property tax) From 0.4% to 1.0%, which, according to the IU (left wing) party, makes the total increase so far as 40%.

Motril Austerity Measures

The Motril Town Hall is set to cut 8,000,000 euros from its budget in order not to raise municipal taxes or be forced to axe jobs, the Vice-Mayor/Councillor for the Economy, José García Fuentes, explained.

Dig Deeper

Locals of Nerja are going to have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for their rubbish collections. Bear in mind that the rates for domestic rubbish collections have been static since 1992. The cost of the service was incorporated into the IBI, or local, property tax.

Lanjarón Lowers Taxes

The Lanjarón Town Hall has decided to lower taxes for the business sector and anybody who creates employment. According to the Mayor, Eric Escobedo, this will affect taxes on ‘occupation of public way’, i.e. bar and restaurant terraces, for example.

IBI Increased by 10%

The Association for Small & Medium Business for Almuñécar and La Herradura (APYME) has decried the ‘disproportionate’ rise in property tax (IBI), which went up by 10% for 2012.

Salobreña Takes Out Another Loan

The Salobreña Town Hall has approved taking another multi-million euro loan, this time for 2.8m. With the said funds to pay off local debts and for the Town Hall to be able to ‘function.’
The Mayor insists that the operation is not ‘a whim’, as under existing legislation town halls are obligated to terminate loan policies before the 31st of December. Having paid off the existing ones, they now need funds to operate.

Town Hall Pays Out

This time it is the Almuñécar Town Hall that has to return money to taxpayers after over charging them for their property tax (IBI).