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Full Restaurant Hold Up

GRA Zona Norte

If there is one thing that can give you indigestion at the table, it is when a robber bursts into your restaurant with a large knife. This was the case in Granada.

Three Up & Armed

GRA Three on a Bike 02

What is surprising about the armed hold up in the city of Granada, is not the targeted business nor the booty obtained, but the getaway vehicle used.

We’ve All got to Eat, You Know

The elderly woman who was being robbed was asked to be ‘understanding’ by the thief, “We’ve got to eat as well, you know.” This surprising encounter occurred in a jeweller’s in Torrox-Costa.

Lock Me Up; I’m Broke!

A young man in Málaga, completely financially ruined, decided to stomp into a bank, armed with a stick and demand to be arrested – “it’s a hold up,” he shouted. But it wasn’t. Read on.