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Gambullón Street Lighting

By Martin Myall

For those of you who like jogging or strolling along the Camino de Gambullón, there are now 11 new street lamps to light your way when the winter evenings close in. »

Cheaper Public Lighting

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña is spending nearly a million euros on renovating the public-lighting system in Lobres and La Guardia, as well as the town itself. »

Failed Fish Farms

By Hugh MacArthur

Salobreña-based fish-farming companies have come and gone and fish pens have multiplied, then almost fizzled out again until obtaining their present state. »

La Caleta Fiesta Finale

By Louise Powell

Today is the big day of the Fiestas de la Virgen del Carmen de La Caleta-La Guardia, which began on the 12th. »

Opposition Not Happy

By Martin Myall

The PP opposition party in Salobreña is out looking for defects and have found them in La Caleta, La Guardia and around town! »

Strong Winds Pound the Coast

By Martin Myall

High winds, snow and rain sweeps over Spain. On the Costa Tropical, high-running surf pounds La Guardia beach (between La Caleta and the Peñon) in Salobreña »

La Caleta’s New Office

By Editor

Visitors to the Casa de la Cultura in Salobreña's La Caleta, which also covers La Guardia, will be happy to know that it now has its own OAC, or Oficina de atención al Ciudadano, similar to the one in the Town Hall. »

Watery Problems in Salobreña

By Martin Myall

The Town Hall was 'forced' to shut the road from La Caleta to La Guardia at Cuesta Caracho at the beginning of the week, owing to a burst water main. »

Car Docs Kept In Vehicle

By Dave Nichols

Here’s a tip, which I just learned the hard way. If, like me, you don’t keep originals of any documentation in your car – after all, why make life easier for thieves – and your car is due for its ITV inspection, then beware. You need to produce the original of at least your... »

Boat Mystery

By David Darby

Well, if you are taking a few rays this year, it looks like you should be looking for danger from the other direction. This is, of course, news that a boat, with nobody on board, crashed onto the rocks at the Punta-de-la-Mona end of the bay. »

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