Not Very Clever

SPN Tries to Knock Down GuardiasA 35-year-old man was arrested in Guadalajara for allegedly attempting to run down two police officers and making a false, theft declaration.

The detained man was driving along the CM-1003 and when arriving at the town of Matillas (Guadalajara, Madrid) he came upon a Guardia Civil, road checkpoint. When the officers stepped out onto the road to flag him down, he instead accelerated towards them.

Had it not been for the quick reaction of the officers to avoid being hit by the car, the vehicle would have smacked into them.

After narrowly missing the officers he sped off, only to collidie with the front of a building in the next town, Mandayona, some eight kilometres away before finally making good his escape.

The next day the owner of the car went to the Guardia Civil post in Jadraque to report his car as stolen. However, after contradicting himself several times during questioning, he was arrested for the incident of the previous day.

(News: Matillas, Guadalajara, Madrid)

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