Beached Algerian Fishing Boat

One morning two weeks ago a North-African fishing boat was found beached on Playa de La Ventilla, which borders Sorvilán and Polopos-La Mamola.

ECO Beached Algerian Fishing BoatThe Guardia Civil  are investigating its mysterious appearance whilst the two Town Halls have taken charge of moving the craft off the beach and taking responsibility for its safekeeping.

For two village Town Halls, it’s a mammoth task, as far as paperwork and safekeeping goes but until the Guardia Civil have finished their investigation, it’s on their combined shoulders.

You would have thought that the Capitanía Marítima (maritime authorities) would take charge of it, but as it was found on land (albeit a beach) they consider that it is not their problem. They say it’s the responsibility of the provincial offices of Costas or the relevant town halls.

The fishing craft which is four or five metres long, has no identification it (no name nor registration number). The only thing onboard that gives some clue as to where it came from is an Algerian flag.

One metre further to one side of the beach would have placed it within Polopos’ responsibility but it ended up where it ended up and Sorvilán is lumbered with it. The Mayoress, Pilar Sánchez, explained that they had used a tractor to drag it to a nearby plot of land belonging to Polopos-La Mamola for safe keeping thanks to their neighbour’s collaboration. The Plot is usually used in summer as a parking area; hence the wish that the Guardia Civil get their finger out before then.

So far, the police are working with the idea that the fishing boat drifted onto the beach but on the other hand, it is not damaged, so it could have been used for people smuggling. In other words, they still have no idea.

(News/Noticias: La Mamola, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo & Source: PGT, Ideal)

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