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Boars & Golf

By Hugh MacArthur

Wild boars have been having fun down on Playa Granada, in the area of the golf course, where they have been out ploughing. »

III Acompalia Golf Tournament

By Acompalia

On Friday 19th May the Third Acompalia Golf Tournament, took place at Los Moriscos course in Playa Granada, Motril. »

What’s on in April

By David Darby

Here are a few articles about what's going on during Semana Santa, for example; who's doing what, as well as information from our readers on Acompalia and Red Cross Telecare »

Hope for Los Moriscos

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril Town Hall has until the 26th of June to save the local golf course from losing eight of its holes, which is when Hacienda will confiscate them over a tax debt. »

II Acompalia Golf Tournament

By Acompalia

Acompalia is delighted to announce that Motril-based company Ron Montero, recently voted the “Best Rum in the World” is a major sponsor of the Second Acompalia Golf Tournament. »

Calling Golfers!

By Acompalia

To all golfers, whatever your handicap, join Acompalia for a day of fun golf at their second golf tournament. »

Motril School Golf

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril schoolchildren will be able to try their hand at golf, thanks to a deal struck between the Town Hall and Los Moriscos Golf Course. »

Obligatory But Polite Wealth Transfer

By Martin Myall

A thief broke into five wooden cabins on a golfing complex in the province of Granada and stole an aircon unit... but he did leave an apologetic note. »

Acompalia Charity Golf Event

By Acompalia

Acompalia Charity Golf Event set for May at Santa Clara Golf Club, Otura »

25 Years of GINS

By Martin Myall

2013 sees the 25th Anniversary of GINS which was founded when four keen golfers who played with the International Golf Society in Málaga felt the need to play nearer home. »

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