Hope for Los Moriscos

MOT Los MoriscosThe Motril Town Hall has until the 26th of June to save the local golf course from losing eight of its holes, which is when Hacienda will confiscate them over a tax debt.

When you take into account that the old Hotel Robinson used to receive 3,000 golfers a year, it becomes clear what a tourist attraction Los Moriscos Golf Course represents for the town.

So, if a solution isn’t found, then 180,000 sq/m of golf course will be gobbled up by the Tax Office… yet there may be a way out.

The Councillor for Urban Development, Juan Fernando Pérez, has been appointed as coordinator for a plan to involve the Motril business sector in a rescue operation.

The plan consists of businesses from the hotel sector signing an agreement with the owner of the ten remaining holes wherein they purchase green fees so that he can lease the other eight holes from the Tax Office.

In other words, a hotel buys green fees for its guests so that the golf-course owner can pay Hacienda the 60,00-euros per annum that it has calculated its worth – that’s the tax office’s calculation, by the way.

If ten hotels (are there that many?) buy into this, it would cost them 500 euros a month, which is probably tax deductable – ironic as far as Hacienda goes… On the other hand, there is nothing to stop them selling the green fees at a discount price to their guests, either, as an attractive offer.

If on the other hand this plan failed, Hacienda is willing to cede the land directly to the Town Hall to build a park., but although this park option is attractive urbanistically speaking, it doesn’t save the golf course.

One final point, the owner of Hotel Victoria Playa in Almuñécar has already indicated that he would be interested in signing the agreement and, furthermore, the Asociación de hosteleros Adehos, (a restaurant associacion, basically) has also said that they would be interested in buying into the scheme and thus can offer green fees as part of a lunch+golf package.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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