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Fireworks Faux Pas

By Martin Myall

(DCU 11) There was no traditional firework display at the end of the Almuñécar San Miguel fiestas on the 28th of September, so the opposition party pounced. »

2017 Herradura Fiestas

By Louise Powell

La Herradura is getting ready for its fiestas, San Jose, which ill run from Thursday the 16th to Sunday the 19th - four days of activities and entertainment. »

Fireworks & Fiesta Bus Service

By Louise Powell

Don't forget that the big firework display in Motril is on Tuesday the 16th - the day following the Almuñécar one - a double, Costa-firework whammy! »

Fireworks at Sabina & Cafe Ayer

By David Darby

Both Sabina and Café Ayer are prime locations to see the Almuñécar firework display on the 15th, but you had better hurry - bookings are tight! »


By Marianne Lindahl

On August 15th at the fantastic festival Virgen de la Antigua, a spectacular public fireworks display illuminated the sky of Almunecar during 20 minutes. Over 100.000 spectators watched the spectacle. »

Small Fire in Almuñécar

By Vivienne Hughes

Just days after the fire in Jete, a small fire occurred behind Barrio Los Marinos in Almuñécar. »

Almuñécar Castle Temporarily Closed

By Louise Powell

The Cultural Department of the Almuñécar Town Hall has announced that the Castillo de San Miguel will be closed from the 14th to the 16th of August. »

Unwelcome Guy Fawkes

By Martin Myall

After the consternation caused by the explosion up at the Pirotécnica Martín fireworks factory in Vélez Benaudalla, it seems that the good folks of Motril are not too keen on having a shop selling fireworks in the middle of town. »

Motril Fair’s Positive Appraisal

By Editor

According to the Vice-Mayor for Cultura y Gestión de Infraestructuras for Motril, Nicolás Navarro, despite the hard economical times the organisation behind the summer fair had doubled its efforts to provide more quality with fewer resources. »

Awe Inspiring

By Editor

I could have used the word 'awesome' but it has lost a lot of impact as an adjective due to overuse in everyday conversation. No, the only way to describe Almunecar's annual firework display on the night of the 15th is that it inspired awe in just about everybody that witnessed it. »

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