Fireworks, Pets & Deaths

ALM Dog Died From FireworksThe mindless letting off of rockets and bangers (petardos) is slowly giving way to a more sensible use in most municipalities, but even so…

Pets have a gruesome time when Christmas, Semana Santa and even church weddings come around and this Christmas period was no exception. In fact, one dog died as a consequence of fireworks going off.

A dog called Violeta had been taken in seven months ago by an animal protection association. It had taken a long time to get the dog to trust humans, which was very important if a new home for it was to be found.

On New Year’s Eve in La Herradura the carer saw that Violeta was shaking and its heart was racing. Unable to take the noise, the frantic dog managed to escape only to be run over as it ran across a road.

The animal protection association, Apama, laments that Violeta’s life ended this way; petrified and fleeing helter skelter into danger. They also know that it is difficult to get people to understand what a trauma fireworks are for pets – last years two dogs lost their lives in an identical manner.

In Motril, at least, the Policía Local have carried out a campaign to heighten awareness to this problem.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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