Fireworks Faux Pas

MOT fireworks2There was no traditional firework display at the end of the Almuñécar San Miguel fiestas on the 28th of September, so the opposition party pounced.

The PSOE socialist party berated the governing party for this lapse, but it later emerged that the fireworks had been cancelled at the request of the Asociación de Vecinos del Barrio San Miguel, following the death of a much loved local during the fiestas.

In other words, the firework display was cancelled out of respect and not an act of penny pinching or ineptitude as implied by the socialists.

Obviously, the ruling party tore into the opposition party for “not even bothering to find out why they had been cancelled,” in the words of the Councillor for Fiestas, María del Mar Medina.

ADZ De la Cuesta Baner

“It would have been very unethical to set off fireworks next to the home of the grieving family,” she explained.

She denied that they had fumbled the necessary permit to hold a firework display, which had previously been arranged using Pirotecnia Martín to coincide with moment the Virgen returns to the church.

Whatever the case, the fact is that the Councillor for Fiestas is demanding a public apology from the socialists… Duck if you hear airborne grunting.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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