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Is It Really Necessary?

By Hugh MacArthur

Virtually a year ago the PSOE opposition party in Almulñecar said that the Paseo del Altillo needed to be sorted out but not the way the Mayor intended to. »

Salobreña Bus Station

By Hugh MacArthur

Fresh from denouncing the 'cannibalising' of a municipal ambulance, the PP opposition leader in Salobreña has turned his criticism to the bus stop. »

Salobreña Flooding Aftermath

By Vivienne Hughes

(COH11) The Mayor of Salobreña, María Eugenia Rufino, has given an estimate for the recent flood damage; some 105,000 euros. »

Junta Defends Infoca

By Martin Myall

The Provincial Delegate for Granada in the Regional Government, Sandra García, responded to accusations made by the Mayor of Lújar and other PP politicians. »

Motril Offended by Lújar Mayor

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Lújar's comments about the alleged tardiness of the Motril Fire Service during the fire received strong criticism from Motril. »

Premios Príncipe de Asturias Rebellion

By Vivienne Hughes

International prize winners at the prestigious annual event were very critical of the Spanish Government's cuts to social welfare and scientific investigation. »

Voting for Debt

By Hugh MacArthur

The governing party in Motril, with every opposition party voting against, approved a motion to apply for another bank loan. »

Another Fine Mess

By Martin Myall

The City Hall of Granada is set to take less than half of the amount that they hoped to rake in through traffic fines; the 2011 budget had made provisions for an income of 14 million euros, whereas it 'only' saw 6.7m. »

Editorial Comment: A Slap in the Face

By Martin Myall

Some members of the Almuñécar hostelry community consider that the Fería de Dia, set up along Calle Pinto Rivera is little more than a 'slap in the face' from the Town Hall and many people would agree with them. »

Praise and Criticism

By Marianne Lindahl

I love Andalucia, and especially Costa Tropical and the whole Granada province. Not only because it is the only region where you get free tapas with your midday or evening copa. »

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