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Obesity Cremation Ban Dropped

By Hugh MacArthur

The Head of the Public Health Board of the Regional Government for Valencia has reversed a prohibition on cremating obese bodies. »

More Room for The Dead

By Martin Myall

Almuñecar has been busily building extra niches in the municipal cemetery to keep up with the increased number of cremations. »

Important Conference in Almuñécar

By Vivienne Hughes

There will be a talk given in the Almuñécar tanatorio (funeral/crematorium facilities) on Thursday the 14th of this month entitled: Everything You Need To Know about Dying in Spain. »

Jeanette Ashby

By Martin Myall

Netty, as everybody knew her, passed away in hospital, last night. »

Crematorium Complaints

By Dave Nichols

A test that was carried out at the controversial crematorium, created a fresh round of protests from neighbouring locals. »

First on the Coast

By Editor

Almuñécar will finally have a crematorium this month, if all goes to plan. Not only is this a first for the town, but it will also be the first crematorium on the Costa Tropical. »

New Mortuary

By Editor

It has been announced that Almuñécar will finally have its long-awaited tanatorio (morgue/mortuary) within six months, as work is progressing acceptably on the project at the municipal cemetery, El Magnífico. »

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