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Strays Attack Couple

By Hugh MacArthur

Two stray dogs attacked a couple inside the municipal-morgue enclosure yesterday morning around 11.00h. »

Couple Rescue off El Tesorillo

By Hugh MacArthur

A couple were saved from drowning on an Almuñécar beach yesterday by a municipal policeman and a beachgoer. »

Nordic Man Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

An elderly man from Scandinavia has been arrestedd in Nerja, accused of trying to kill his wife. The incident took place on Calle Casablanca. »

Norwegian Couple Injured

By Hugh MacArthur

A Norwegian couple were seriously injured when their car plunged down a barranco on last Thursday. »

Feeding Puppies to a Python

By Hugh MacArthur

A judge in Granada has acquitted a couple of feeding live puppies to their pet python - they had been facing a year's suspended imprisonment, if found guilty. »

10-Year-Old Prostituted

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Valladolid handed a 10-year-old girl over into the care of a children's home as they suspected that she was being prostituted. »

Couple Rescued from River

By Hugh MacArthur

A young couple had to be rescued from Río Genil where it passes through Granada in the early hours of Saturday. »

Clobbered by a Strelitzia

By Hugh MacArthur

A couple had the fright of their lives whilst they were eating ice cream on bench on the Paseo del Altillolast Sunday - a tree fell on one them. »

Brit Home Demolished

By Vivienne Hughes

(ASX) The Vélez-Málaga Town Hall proceeded with the demolition of a cortijo belonging to a retired British couple in the Almayate Alto area since 2005. »

Express Kidnap Foiled

By Martin Myall

A judge in the town of Santa Fe has sent three individuals from Fuente Vaqueros to prison, pending trial, for an alleged case of ‘kidnap express.’ »

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