Unfortunate Comment

The Vox councillor at the Albuñol Town Hall has caused controversy for his comments during a Plenary Meeting on the two deaths that had occurred in town .

ECO Juan María Rivas VoxThe Town Hall had agreed upon condemning this incident as an act of gender violence – the wife had begun a divorce process and was shot dead by her husband, who then committed suicide, however, the Vox councillor criticised this decision.

Councillor Juan María Rivas, described what happened as “tragic and undesirable” and considered that both people, Trinidad and Ramón, were good people.

However, he criticised his fellow councillors for coming to the conclusion that they had put forward and approved; i.e., the condemnation of the murder without knowing the results of the police investigation. The police have since confirmed that it was a case of murder and suicide.

“Something concerning Trini and Ramón has occurred. I am sure that it’s Ramón fault. I am certain that it’s Trini fault but I am also sure that there is a third party at fault; a society that some politicians are creating that turns people against each other over sex or religion” said the Vox Councillor,

As a consequence, the provincial HQ for Vox has disowned his comments through an official communiqué, which stated that they apologised for his comments which had not been authorised by the party. They offered their condolence to relatives of the dead woman, adding that they considered his words showed a lack of respect for the victim.

(News: Albuñol, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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