Couple Fall Down Well

A married couple fell to the bottom of a 4-metre-deep well shaft in Baza. The man managed to climb out but needed assistance to rescue his wife.

GRA ALT Fire EngineThe well is near the side of the A-4200 (Carretera de Benamaurel) in an area of the municipality of Baza known as Taldarroba.

The husband managed to flag down a passing lorry in order to contact the emergency, call centre, 112.

The fire service arrived and recued the woman from the bottom of the shaft and then both of them were taken to the area hospital in Baza to be treated for cuts and bruises.

The fire service were assisted during the rescue by the Guardia Civil and the medics onboard the ambulance.

Editorial comment: this information comes from a press release from the 112 Emergency Service, which in general are scant on details, in this case how it was that the couple came to fall down the well in the first place – was it not covered over at all? Was there any water in it? Is there life after death? All this, unanswered.

(News: Baza, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)

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