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Paseo de los Carabineros, Nerja

The Councillor for the Environment, Nieves Atencia, has announced that a team from Madrid would be coming down to check out the state of the Paseo de los Carabinero with an eye to seeing whether at least a part of it can be repaired and reopened.

Costas vs. Greenhouses

If you drive along the eastern coast of the Costa Tropical, between Carchuna and La Rábita, you will see greenhouses below the N-340, virtually on the beach or on a cliff – at the moment there is a battle between Costas and their owners over their future… or lack of it.

Playa Parking Problems

We often report on the parking problems that Almunecar has, but Motril has a parking problem where it hurts most – on its beaches; finding somewhere to park on Playa Granada is a nightmare.

Groyne Grows Beach

There is good news down Velilla way with the termination of the groyne work. Even in the short time that this beach-protection construction has been working its way out, metre by metre, the beach to the east of it has grown quite noticeably.

No Licence for Disco

Good news for the long-suffering neighbours of the Aquatropic water park – a licence for the discotheque has been refused. And good news for the users of the waterpark as the licence for the installations has been granted for a further 15 years.

Fair Play!

Have you heard the one about the The Mayor, Costas and a few fairground rides? Well, sit back and immerse yourself in the mud-wrestling event that is local politics.
The whole story centres around an ‘alleged’ telephone call received on the 17th March at the Town Hall from Costas, which in effect said that permission had been refused for the installation of fairground rides on the paseo for this year’s San Jose event.

Beach Clean

Talking of cleaning, and going back somewhat to the earlier article about the heavy rainfall, the debris is finally being cleared from the beach.