Playa Granada Needs Permanent Solution

MOT Playa Granada OnLThis is what the socialist councillor Francisco Sánchez says and he suggests the PP Mayor of Motril approaches the PP Central Government to achieve it.

He considers that trucking in sand every time the beach disappears after gale-force winds is a waste of money; hence the need for a more lasting solution.

Last November, for example, Costas spent half a million euros transferring sand from Playa Poniente to Playa Granada – previous gales had swept it from Playa Granada and dumped it onto Playa Poniente

“A project must be presented before the Ministry of the Environment which cannot be rejected,” he said, adding, “The Mayor is more interested in photo sessions and party propaganda.”

He finished by demanding that the work generated by such a project should go to some of the 8,000 unemployed Motrileños.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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