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Injured by Xmas-Tree Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

A 50-year-old woman received burns to her face and arms when her Christmas tree burst into flames. She also has smoke inhalation. »

Brit Drowns in Marina

By Hugh MacArthur

A British tourist drowned in the Puerto Marina in Benalmádena on Friday. The 54-year-old man from Bolton had been staying in a hotel there in that town. »

Passenger Steals Taxi

By Vivienne Hughes

Francisco José Jiménez has been a taxi driver for 25 years in Vélez-Málaga but this was the first time that he had had one of his taxis stolen. »

Floating Platform Runs Aground

By Hugh MacArthur

A rig platform appeared floating off Málaga coast before coming aground in front of Benalmádena on Playa Benalnatura next to a hotel. »

Spectacular Mains Burst

By Vivienne Hughes

If we say, "a mains burst" in Benalmádena, we would be failing miserably in describing the extraordinary amount of water involved. »

French Couple Arrested

By Martin Myall

No, we're not referring to the elderly couple who got lost in the woods, but a much younger couple that left three kids in the car whilst they enjoyed the beach. »

High-Tech Peeping Tom

By Paula Anthony

A peeping tom (voyeur) was arrested in Benalmádena for spying on women on a nudist beach using sunglasses fitted with a mini video camera. »

Ear Meets Teeth

By Editor

Regional News: Here we are over the provincial border in Málaga where most of this unpleasant business seems to occur, doesn’t it? Anyway, the next article is about a chap that has ‘gone down for’ (been sentenced to) three years for ripping off somebody’s ear with his teeth. »

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