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Covid Figures 27th July

GRA Covid figures 27JL21

We don’t publish these as often as we did during the height of the Pandemic, but with warnings of a general increase, readers can see here what the situation is.

Covid Figures 12th July

GRA Covid Map 12JL21

For those who are asking yourselves what inroads the Delta Variant is making into our province, here are the full figure: population, cases in 14 days and the per 100k figure.

Scorchio Weekend Ahoy

SPN Scorchio JL21D

Well, after a sweaty Tuesday this week followed by a slight drop in temperatures, this weekend will be the first heatwave for summer 2021 in the province of Granada.

Temperatures This Week

GRA Ist Week JL21 Temperatures

For the first week of July, temperatures will climb – surprise! but not only in our province but in the whole of Spain. Don’t panic though, there’s no 40ºC listed below.

Here We Go Again

GRA Benamaurel Infoca JN21

Sunday afternoon saw a small, brush fire in Benamaurel (northern Granada), which, fortunately, was officially declared as out just after 20.00h.