Catch That Pigeon!

Baza has entered into battle against its growing pigeon population we have invested the town centre, causing filth on streets, statues and public buildings.

The pigeon population is estimated to be around 6,000, according to the city hall and after two months of hard work they think that they have captured around 600; i.e., 10 percent. Given that the town has just over 20,000 inhabitant, there’s nearly one pigeon for every three inhabitants.

Beside catching them in baited cage traps, they are also using birds of prey, as persuasion to find somewhere else to live, employing the expertise of falconer, Miguel Yeste. Until now, he has been hired by airports and military aviation bases.

As for the cage traps, they have been left around town, especially in abandoned buildings, which are choice nesting areas for pigeons, and it seems to be working, so the Town Hall is going to acquire more of them. The Mayor is also calling on the owners of abandoned building to close the windows or at least hang a net over them if there is no glass.

But it’s not only the old town, where most of the abandoned buildings are, because they have been receiving numerous complaints in other areas of the municipality.

Councillor Mª Carmen Sánchez, has also asked residents who feed pigeons in areas around town to stop doing so, while the Councillor for Maintenance, Rafael Azor, said that the pigeon population is completely out of control and could cause health problems, adding that every pigeon couple breed two chicks every month, causing the population to grow constantly.

(News/Noticias: Baza, Altiplano, Granada)

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