Cheaper per Square Metre

Granada might be one of the most expensive provinces in Andalucía to buy a house (per square metre) but there are actually very cheap municipalities with Granada.

GRA homes Price per Square MetreThe house price in Spain per square metre has gone up 8.2 percent, reaching 2,000 euros on average. In Andalucía it has gone up 10 percent compared with January last year.

As for the Province of Granada, the increase has been 6.1 percent with the average price per square metre at 1,411 euros, according to the Idealista website.

However, if you want somewhere cheaper, there is always Íllora in western Granada (Poniente) where you’re looking at 500 euros per square metre, so a property of 80 square metres would cost 41,000 euros. Obviously, there are fluctuation but it serves as an example.

Closer to home you have Ítrabo costing on average 644 euros per sq/m; Baza costing on average 659 euros; Huétor-Tajar at 697 euros and Cogollos Vega, at 704 euros per square metre. Therefore the average price for a flat is around the 60,000-euros mark.

Finally Albuñol, Belicena, Guadix, Loja, Molvizar and Santa Fe all have average price-per-square-metre below 1,000 euros.

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