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Ho Ho Hand Over the Cash!

Australian police are hunting ‘Santa’ after he entered the post office and demanded money from a female member of staff. She handed over the cash, which he put into… you guessed it… a red sack.

The Home of Pizza?

Well, it’s Italy of course! Well, according to the judges at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza in Naples it is in fact Austrialia!

Cockroach Ear Cavity Agony

The team in the Accident & Emergency unit tried to resuscitate the cockroach, for over five minutes, eventually resorting to using tiny electric shock paddles to try and re-start his little heart. Despite the fact that some of us would pay good money to be watered, sucked, oiled and tweaked, it was all too much for the bug later identified as Kenny the Cockroach and he was declared dead. For poor Kenny it was a case of ear today, gone tomorrow.

Australian Incest Tragedy

Reports from Australia state that twelve children were taken from their rural family home, to a place of safety, after it was discovered that they had been subject to sexual abuse, including incest and were living in appalling conditions.

CPR Life Saver

OK, so you live in Australia, you’ve recently done your ‘First Aid’ course… who do you try your new-found skills out on first? A wallaby of course!

Fork in Penis Incident

The silly old sod only went and stuck a fork up his penis during some weird sex game, then had to go to hospital, explain what happened, and then be put under general anaesthetic whilst the damn thing was removed!

Rocket Rules

Now let’s step over to Barcaldine, just east of Longreach in Queensland, Australia, where two police officers were happily keeping an eye on traffic, when suddenly a skateboard goes speeding past with a grinning youth onboard. Not only that, the youth had attached a rocket to the rear of the board, obviously to give him some extra umph!

Doctor Youth

Many of us can remember all sorts shenanigans from when we were teenagers, but a 17-year-old Australian lad really pushed the boat out when he was bored. He simply got himself a stethoscope, white coat and some dodgy credentials and proceeded to work in a few hospitals as a doctor!

Australian Apple Mapping Mahem

Australian police in the southeast state of Victoria have had to rescue a number of motorists who have become stuck, for as long as 24 hours in some cases, after following directions from their Apple iPhone mapping software.