CPR Life Saver

OK, so you live in Australia, you’ve recently done your ‘First Aid’ course… who do you try your new-found skills out on first? A wallaby of course!

Our intrepid, life-saving hero is Mick Hussin, who was enjoying a well-earned holiday in Byron Bay, New South Wales when he was shocked to see a pack of dogs chasing a tiny wallaby joey. The terrified animal had no choice but to jump into a creek, where he was almost certain to drown or be eaten alive.

Helpful hero Hussin, leapt into action! Well, actually he leapt into the creek and managed to grab the drowning wallaby by its tail and dragged it back to the bank. With the wallaby unresponsive, Mick decided to give CPR a go. So, cupping his hands into a sort of funnel, he began blowing air into the tiny creature.

Mick admitted later, that after ten minutes of this, he really thought that he was wasting his time and that the animal was a goner. However, just when he was going to give up, the little animal started to move, “It was the greatest feeling when I saw its paws move,” he said.

Mick wrapped the animal up in towels and contacted the local animal protection society, and they were very impressed with Mr. Hussin’s efforts, “It is sad that a few seconds and the ability to deliver CPR is the difference between life and death. We are very pleased the Mr. Hussin chose to breathe the kiss of life into this beautiful creature.” Blimey, these animal charity people are a bit ‘gushy’ aren’t they!

Anyway, that’s the story of Mick Hussin, wallaby rescuer and all-round good guy. We’ve even included a picture of the said wallaby after its rescue, so you can all go ahhh!

(Wonky World)

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