The Home of Pizza?

Well, it’s Italy of course… isn’t it? Well, according to the judges at the Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza in Naples it is in fact Austrialia!

The coveted prize for the best pizza in the world went to Johnny Di Francesco for his Margherita at the contest, which is also known as simply, Pizza World Championships. And this was not fluke, Di Francesco actually beat more than 600 other competitors from around 35 countries to get his flour covered hands on the title of Specialita Traditionale Garantita.

No just good news for Johnny, but also for his small restaurant in Melbourne, Australia, which has now become the place to be, after all the hype and media interest. “It’s been an amazing reaction. Honestly, I just went to Naples to do what I love, I didn’t think it was going to make such a stir,” explained the victorious Johnny.

The champion also went on to explain that the Margherita is not as simple, in the pizza world, as some people may think, “A lot of people think it is easy to make a margherita, but it is one of the hardest pizzas to produce. With a lot of other pizzas it’s easy to mask the flavor with toppings, so you don’t really get the flavor of the dough, but with a margherita there is no hiding anything.”

The trip to Naples was very much a homecoming for Di Francesco, who obviously has Italian roots. He describes his pizza making as ‘traditional’ and uses a technique that has been used in and around Naples for centuries.

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