Horned Beasts on the Streets

No, not Pamplona, but a suburb of Sydney, Australia, where a couple of water buffalo escaped from a film set and had quick run through the streets of Newtown.

Almost immediately, this being 2014, pictures of the animals amongst the traffic, started appearing on social media. One witness on King Street said to ABC News, “Cars were just stopped and watching them go through, and there was a jeep with filming equipment behind them,” said a shocked Abril Felman.

A short time later, a Fire and Rescue New South Wales vehicle was passing by, and being heroic types, stopped and used a bit of initiative. They cornered the animals the front garden of a house on Carillon Avenue, using the ladders off their fire truck as moveable gates to form a sort of corral.

The brave firefighters kept them corralled until animal handlers arrived and managed to capture the animals and transport them away.

According to local media, the animals were from Sydney Park, where they had managed to escape from the set of a film after an argument with the make-up artists, who the buffalo claimed, “made them look ugly.”

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