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Chinese Generosity

SAL Chinese Donation

Two Chinese residents of Salobreña, Pinwei Zhou and Junli Xia, who run a business there, have donated masks and rubber gloves, etc to the Policía Local.

San Juan Arrests

ALM San Juan2

Well, when the younger generation comes down to the coast for San Juan, many are not short of illegal substances. That was just as true in the 60’s as nowadays.


We are far from certain as to whether this will ever reach Europe, but US regulators have, for reasons know only to themselves, approved a product which has already become know as Palcohol… powdered alcohol! (We know what you are going to ask).

Depressing News

Checking my portfolio of Seaside Gazette articles reveals that there are definitely two subjects missing over the years: alcohol and hypertension. Thus I shall start with the more pleasurable subject, which for some is a problematic one. Alcohol in moderation is pleasurable and considered to be healthy, e.g. reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes.

Life is Tough

It does not seem that I am able to resist the subject of coffee at present and I have good and bad news for coffee lovers: you die younger, but not because of the coffee, but because coffee drinkers are more likely to have other unhealthy habits. The NIH-AARP Diet & Health Study which followed 400,000 people over 13 years has shown, that coffee drinkers are more likely to die, because they are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, do little exercise and abstain from fruit and veg consumption.

Russian Sets Light to Woman

A Russian man, ex military of some 45 years of age, poured 96º alcohol over the back of a female friend and set light to her, causing first and second-degree burns – this took place along the Rambla del Piojo in Motril.