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The Wrong Way Down Autovías

By Hugh MacArthur

Two drivers were intercepted by the Guardia Civil driving the wrong way down an autovía in two separate incidents recently. »

Recognise The Bike?

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil are trying to identify the body of a cyclist who was killed when he left the road and hit his head against a large stone. »

Granada’s Mega Shopping Centre

By Hugh MacArthur

Granada now has another shopping centre, Granaita, thanks to a merger between Kinépolis and the Centro Comercial Alameda. »

Baby Perishes in Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

A 6-month-old baby perished in a house fire in Albolote on Friday the 23rd, according to the Emergencias 112 Andalucía service. »

Greenhouse Workers Revolt

By Hugh MacArthur

Over 200 greenhouse workers in Albuñol, most of whom are Moroccan, Senegalese and Romanian, have met with union representatives over work-condition exploitation. »

Lorry Knocks Over Guardia

By Martin Myall

A Guardia Civil policeman was injured, suffering multiple fractures after he was hit by a lorry as he stood on the hard shoulder. »

Prison Sit In Protest

By Martin Myall

Union representatives for the provisional prison of Albolote locked themselves in within their prison office for 24 hours as a protest. »

Suprising Prison Plumbing

By Hugh MacArthur

Judge Del Arco has been investigating whether the provincial prison in Albolote has been dumping untreated sewage into a stream. »

Dangling Brit Rescued

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil rescued a British lad as he dangled from a motorway bridge over the A-44 in the Albolote area. »

Drunk Driver Collides with Police Car

By Martin Myall

Our hero is a 40-year-old man, residing in Albolote, awash with alcohol and unhindered by a valid driving licence. »

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