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Boars vs Cars

The chances of coming across a wild boar on the road in front of you in the province of Almería is becoming more and more frequent.

Crazy Cars

One can spot more and more camouflaged cars being driven about around the province, especially on mountain roads with plenty of curves.

Drivers vs. Cyclists

In the space of only a week there have been three cases of drivers, two of them under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in one instance both, ploughing into groups of cyclists.

Wax and Accidents

The Almuñécar socialist opposition party has criticised the Mayor for the amount of wax on the streets, urging her to get it cleaned up before more accidents occur.

The Troublesome Avenida

Even while Avenida de Salobreña was still being finished, there were many who were not impressed by its emerging layout: all that parking eliminated; tight roundabouts and little separation between pedestrians and the bus lane; not to mention all those unregulated pedestrian crossings. And then, so after its inauguration, the traffic accidents started to occur…