Two Crash Landings

There have been two accidents involving adventure sports; one a paraglider and the other a kitesurfer, both in Andalucia.

AND Paraglider GenericA paraglider pilot was injured yesterday after colliding with a van, which was parked on Playa de Fontanilla (Conil, Cádiz).

The accident occurred just after three in the afternoon. The emergency, call centre despatched an ambulance with paramedics on board and the Guardia Civil.

The 44-year-old victim, who had a fractured ankle, was taken to the nearest hospital.

Earlier in the month, the 26th, a kitesurfer died after crashing onto the beach, hitting his head. The accident occurred on the Playa de Los Lances, in Tarifa, a little before 19.00h.

(News: Tarifa/Conil, Huelva/Cadiz, Andalucia)

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