Granada Inland

News from inland Granada: Alpujarra, Lecrin Valley,Alti-plano & Poniente

Alpujarra Guidebook Published

The area council (mancomunidad) for the Alpujarra has published a new guidebook. The 426-page publication, containing hundreds of photos, is entitled: Guía Turística de la Alpujarra GranadinaEl Monte del Sol o La Alpujarra Mágica.

Fiesta del Dragón

The Fiesta del Dragón had the young conservatives of the new venue for this yearly festival up in arms over how the site was left after the event.


A 35-year-old woman was arrested by the Guardia Civil – they’re good at that sort of thing – for allegedly stealing from the house where she was employed as a home help.

Hecho en la Alpujarra

The XV edición de la Hecho en la Alpujarra (15th Made in the Alpujarra festival), which was held at the beginning of April in Órgiva, pulled in thousands of curious visitors.

Tarmac Sentry

Next time you are driving along the country roads of the Alpujarra, spare a thought for Antonio Mingorance Gutiérrez, whose untiring work to maintain the network over the last 47 years (on 24hour call out) is worthy of recognition.

Némisis Has a Birthday

Do you know the Némisis discotheque in Órgiva? Well, this ‘electric-wrestling parlour’ was the first one in the whole of the Alpujarra and has just celebrated its 38th anniversary.

Pensioners Perish I

British pensioners, Christopher and Christine Martin, met a tragic end when the living room ceiling fell on them as they sat on a sofa at their friends’ cortijo in the Alpujarra village of Rubite.

Pensioners Perish II

We have all been witness to the very uncharacteristic rainfall this winter, which has been with us since the 18th of December on an off – more often ‘on’ than ‘off’. Whilst roads have subsided, houses flooded and crops ruined, up to the last week of February, there had been no fatalities in our neck of the woods. That all changed up in the tiny Alpujarreño village of Rubite on the Monday the 22nd February.

March is Here

Well, thank God March is here! With the weather this bad, I wonder what to expect this month. If the rain doesn’t stop I’ll be thinking about getting myself a pair of rubber boots!