Referee’s Car Vandalised

GRA Referee's Car OnLA man accused of keying (scratching) the bonnet of a referee’s car claims that the victim probably arrived at the match with his car already damaged.

It doesn’t sound much of a defence, but that is for the Real Federación Andaluza de Fútbol to finally decide.

The incident goes back to a match between Ciudad de Granada and Puerto Malagueño, which was a juvenile-league match. One of the boys was sent off, which didn’t please the father…

The referee, who reported the vandalism to the police, did not see the accused actually doing it, but provided a description of the person who he suspected of doing it because this person had come up to him and insulted him.

However, he didn’t know that the person that he was accusing was the father of the boy sent off, something he didn’t discover until later, after he had spoken with the manager of Ciudad de Granada.

The accused says that he is “surprised and offended” and that he has witnesses who can confirm that he never insulted the referee and that he clearly never even approached the man’s car – he didn’t even know which one it was. He also said that the referee was sullying the name of his son, which was very serious, he considers.

Finally, the father considers that the referee is trying to get somebody else to pay for the damage to his car because several matches beforehand, in Dúrcal, which is the home of the referee, he asked the Guardia Civil to escort him to his car because he feared violence. On the Sunday of the last match he also asked the Guardia Civil for an escort, who informed him that the couldn’t do it. In other words, he is not a very popular man.

The accused considers that many people (himself, the other members of the club, the parents of the players and even some of Puerto Malagueño) the referee’s car was already damaged before he drove to the ‘fateful’ match.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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