Health concerns

Watch Your Step!

When obstacles on the ground are viewed through the lower segment of multi-focal glasses, vision can be blurred and depth perception can be impaired. This phenomenon presumably explains the observation that older adults who wear multi-focal glasses are at elevated risk of tripping.

Is 60 The New 40?

At my 11-year-old son’s birthday party this weekend, I had a conversation with a couple of mums about age; our own personal definitions of being old and more to the point, whether we are old!

Do No Harm

Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I get the big pharma-bible out to check the list of side effects of a particular medication. But what else can you do, if a patient arrives puffing and panting and the specialists already reassured him, that there is nothing wrong with him?

Why Hope Matters

Most of us see hope as something that gets us through difficult times but psychologists are discovering that in fact it can help us succeed in our everyday life. And we can learn how to cultivate it!


Well my New Year’s Resolution was trashed by the 2nd of January this year……that was a record for me! My intention was to kick start the whole family into a healthy, New Year with a boost of activity by spending a week skiing in Andorra. Unfortunately…

Plastic Frankenstein

Two years ago I had to discard my cured olives after I had noticed that the vinegar had dissolved the lining of the plastic jar. The idea of consuming liquefied plastic just was not very appealing. Ever since I wanted to write an article about plastic and health risks and frankly the research about it sounds like coming from Frankenstein’s laboratory.

What’s News This New Year

During most of last year, the Seaside Gazette has given us the chance to criticise unfounded alarmism and a marketing-directed hype about this new flu and the ever-so-useless vaccine, which has been sold by the trillion to governments worldwide.

Fight or Flight

I remember when people thought that seeing two adults, three dogs and a gas bottle all balanced on a moped was funny or a dumper truck reversing through the town with three workers hanging off the sides! What used to be funny stories are now an irritant.

So why do people do that? Why do they trash what they are leaving? Do they understand how it feels to those of us that are happy and content, or even those of us that have decided to tough it out?

Christmas Comes…

It’s that time of year again when the lovely little children of the world get excited at the prospect of receiving all the contents of a Christmas list as long as your arm.