Angels Wanted: Apply Within

Have you ever been in a situation where for no real reason somebody has popped up into your life, just at the right time and said just the right thing to change the course of your future? Sometimes, it is profound and alters the course of your life…other times it just changes your day.

This has happened a few times in my life at various levels and it happened the other day, at the airport, whilst we were taking my niece’s boyfriend for his flight home. There was a 2-hour delay and we were discussing waiting with him, so he would not be alone (he is only 15), when a voice chirped up from the next table, “Take my advice and get yourselves to the beach …you will have more fun there!” “Pardon?” I replied. “You’re on the Manchester flight, right?” We nodded. “ “Well the plane is still in Manchester and not due to leave for another couple of hours due to a technical fault, so the delay will be at least six hours before the plane is ready to leave Málaga…so get your sun cream and go to the beach!”

He explained he had friends at Monarch and they were keeping him informed and in turn he would keep us informed by phone. Sure enough, we went to the beach and sure enough, he rang several times and we returned to the airport seven hours later after a fantastic day. Thank you Neil, that day you were our angel.

We can all be someone else’s angel, all we need is to have the confidence to step in and offer our help. People want to be someone else’s angel, as it feels good to give unconditionally. You don’t believe me, then take a look at the 2,000 euros raised at the charity auction, where people gave gifts and their time freely, for a good cause. Always have the confidence to step in and help. As long as your intention is good then your interference will be received with good feeling. In my confidence sessions we concentrate on what we are good at and what knowledge we have that is valuable to other people.

We are all specialists at something and that something might not necessarily be what we were trained to do professionally. Have the confidence in the ability that you have, even if it doesn’t state it as your profession on your business card. For example, Neil was the best travel agent I have ever come across, but I am sure that is not his day job, but he certainly was confident. It is also a lot easier to have confidence required by an angel when you are outside the situation, although this clearly is not always the case. From outside you can get a clear perspective.

You don’t have to be a stranger to be someone’s angel. Two angels in my life have been my parents, always guiding me and supporting my decisions. My mum taught me when to have the confidence to open my mouth and when to have the intelligence to keep it shut. A lesson I often get the wrong way around! My dad, with his ‘when your numbers up – your numbers up’ mentality of living life for today, taught me to laugh out loud at any opportunity. He still laughs out loud today at 80+ but I think with him it is more of a medical condition nowadays!!So take a look around you, forget your own problems and see who needs an angel like you today.

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