Health concerns

Classifieds for Cancer

The AECC (Spanish Association against Cancer/Asociación Española Contra el Cancer) and The Seaside Gazette have teamed up to raise funds in the name of cancer. This project is in the form of the Classifieds ads page in the hardcopy edition, which is now entitled Classifieds for Cancer. Starting this month, the Seaside Gazette is donating this page to the AECC.

Angels Wanted: Apply Within

Have you ever been in a situation where for no real reason somebody has popped up into your life, just at the right time and said just the right thing to change the course of your future? Sometimes, it is profound and alters the course of your life…other times it just changes your day.

How Necessary is Screening?

Screening is meant to detect health problems before their ‘owner’ gets aware of them. Many ailments do only cause problems, complaints or even pain, once they’re too big to be treated successfully. Therefore one wants to find a problem that is still small enough to be healed.

First Impressions Last?

If your daughter came home and told you she was dating a boy who had a skinhead haircut and lots of tattoos, one of which was a picture of Jack the Ripper, the masked murderer from London in the 19th century, what do you think you would say? No chance!

Quite Prickly

Adding to Axel’s last article, we just received our new drugs formulary and very reassuringly the pharmaceutical industry has made big strides in improving your health by adding 2,500 new medications over the course of the last four years. That is more than one a day, so a daily trip to your pharmacy should become part of your routine to check what is on offer.
But this month’s subject is an old one, however in a new light: childhood vaccinations.

I Don’t Want…

When a Spanish chap told me that he is married to his sister, I thought it must be my Spanish letting me down once again, as it has done many times.

What’s Your Problem?

At the beginning of May it was my friends 40th Birthday and her husband decided to surprise her with a party. When he called me in February to invite me along and explain his plan, I leapt at the opportunity of spending a weekend in Bournemouth with my best friend and a group of great people with whom I knew I would laugh plenty and party hard. A weekend of pure self-indulgence: girly chats, meals out and fantastic shopping.

Competitiveness in the Family

The question is; should a parent actively encourage their children to be competitive?
I read an article recently that said for Donald Trump’s children family holidays were a very competitive affair. His son, Eric, recalls that when skiing in Aspen, his father was so keen to beat his children in races that he would push them over or hold them back with a ski pole. Imagine a grown man pushing over a 10 -year old to win a race!