Health concerns

Beat Addiction

I promised to write an article about smoking after I had managed to stay off cigarettes for one year. Just in time, after the majority of New Year resolutions have faltered and smokers now having to pursue their addiction in front of bars and restaurants.

Sensational Sleep

I love my sleep. In fact, I love sleep so much, that sleep is the first thing I think about when I wake up! If I don’t get enough sleep, I am cranky and rather unpleasant.

Season to be Jolly…

Maybe not, after alcohol was voted the most dangerous drug in modern society in a research by Doctor Nutt (no joke) recently published in the Lancet medical journal.

387,286 & Counting

It took that many men to bring the controversy about screening for prostate cancer onto the agenda again. There had never been a unanimous agreement about sense and nonsense of screening for prostate cancer, although it feels like that there is nowadays a generally accepted “must check” approach.

Why Are You So Rude?

It is amazing that you can be so rude without a single swear word. You can be rude without even saying a word. You can use swear words and not be rude. You can be rude and not even realise you are being rude. How complicated! For what reason are people rude? Sometimes it is…

Who is Who & Who am I?

Each of us is colonised, inside and out, by micro-organisms. More than three pounds of micro-organisms in our gut alone, and many more on our skin.In fact, we harbour 10 microbial cells for each one of our own cells. If our microbial partners were merely fellow travellers with no effects on our health, their invisible…

If I Could Hold Back Time

We came to Spain to slow down the march of Time, but as they say, Time stands still for no man. To the point, I attended my 2nd, non-family-related 60th birthday party this month. Long gone are the 18th, 21st, weddings, christenings and divorce parties, now its 50th and 60th and funerals.


Epigenetics is natures equivalent to the invention of the wheel. Everybody knows about DNA; long threads on which the genes are lined up, the totality of which is our very own individual existence.