Nicola Westby

Sunday Hike to Vélez Benaudalla

The Almuñécar hikers’ group is off on a 6-hour jaunt between Pinos del Valle, Ízbor, Los Acebuches and Vélez Benaudalla this Sunday, the 5th of May. This is just one of a series of walks run by Senderismo del Patronato Municipal de Deportes (PMD).

Hotel Arrayanes News

Here’s a bit of local business news from Hotel Arrayanes: on Friday 10th June the Barbeque Terrace at the Hotel Arrayanes is re-opening, featuring their delicious A La Carte menu, with a wide selection of charcoal grilled fresh meats, fish, chicken or seafood. There will be a buffet with all the trimmings and homemade desserts.…

Starfish Big Gig

Starfish’s young musical Talent perform live at the Big Gig. Starfish España is happy to announce their highlight of the year, the Big Gig, showcasing local bands of talented young musicians performing live on stage. It takes place on Saturday 11th June from 19.00 at the Peña Parda restaurant and has free admission.


A spot of local business news concerning MasPalomas: summer opening hours are now all day from 10.00am – 11.30 pm, except Sunday evenings and all day Monday.

Tartana – Dia de la Madre

Well at the beginning of April, it was the time of the year, in the UK, when we mothers finally get a slap on the back. I had my own mother visiting at the time and thought I would treat her to a lovely Mother’s Day meal at La Tartana. I checked the date with…

Love’s Labour Lost

Loves Labour Lost – The painted furniture people: Working together with Annie Sloan, Patricia Gray and Jane Warnick have launched an eclectic range of creative furniture.

Sensational Sleep

I love my sleep. In fact, I love sleep so much, that sleep is the first thing I think about when I wake up! If I don’t get enough sleep, I am cranky and rather unpleasant.

Season to be Jolly…

Maybe not, after alcohol was voted the most dangerous drug in modern society in a research by Doctor Nutt (no joke) recently published in the Lancet medical journal.

Farewell El Ancla!

Goodbye and Farewell! It is with great sadness I write the next article about El Ancla. After over seven years of being a main feature in La Herradura, providing some of the best tucker in town, the premises owners have unfortunately asked for the premises back.