Health concerns

Requiem for a Millionaire

Imagine sitting in your house staring at a dark grey wall, feeling empty with this sensation that your first-ever love has just left you; similar to a dull toothache, but drifting through your whole body.


Is it me or is everyone leaving Spain? I have had so many enquiries over the last few months regarding long term kennelling and quite a few horror stories also.

Best to Know?

Between the bird-flu hype and the hype of the so-called swine flu there was increased coverage about dementia and the necessity of early diagnosis in the media.

Laughter Medicine

For years my husband would pull his face, thinking I was mad when I would say I needed a really good laugh, until we both ended up on the same course, and we had to identify the needs that were important to us.

The Flu is Just That

Symptoms are a dry cough and a high fever, plus headaches and general malaise, with aches and pains (more than normal!) and lack of appetite. But, if you do not have a fever, you do not have the flu!

Successful Thinking

Last month we talked about being positive through the recession, recognising our challenges and facing up to them. I have decided this month to take this one step further and look at how our thought processes can improve our results.