Health concerns

Doctors Don’t Like Vitamins!

Evidence is mounting, that vitamin and mineral supplements do have adverse health effects. The latest on the list are calcium and vitamin E.
So far it has been believed(!) that vitamin E and selenium supplementation lower risk for prostate cancer (in men!). However, when early results after 3 years from a large controlled trial showed no fewer cases but even an excess risk for prostate cancer, the trial had to be halted.

Altering (gene) Behaviour

Our life depends upon a combination of our very own chromosomes and our environment (apart from all the events that happen and the choices we make).
But while the chromosomes with their genes (genome) are considered as the blueprint of life, many of those life experiences — the foods we eat, or the toxins we’re exposed to — indirectly affect the genes and tell them what to do.

Parkinson’s Help on the Coast

The Parkinson’s Association for Granada, which has been operating for 13 years, will provide advice and answer questions, in Salobreña and other coastal towns of Granada.

Medical Article

We, and that is not only us medics, generally identify a disease before we look around for its treatment. Observers argue that, these days, the sequence sometimes is reversed: the marketing of a pharmaceutical agent gives birth to a disease, often by “medicalizing” what actually is a natural part of human existence. This has created an epidemic of insomnia, particularly in the US.

Medical Musings

Axel and I have frequently written about the sense and nonsense of treatments, but hardly about tests. Tests are neither a magic wand to keep you healthy, nor to detect illness. For example everybody agrees on fasting blood sugar testing, but what does a normal result say? Everything and nothing. As a single test it may be useful to screen for diabetes, but a normal test does still not exclude it entirely.

Summer Break

Thanks to the summer break I can seamlessly continue the story Merkel & Sarkozy. Initially I did not want to touch the subject (too complicated and too serious), but now it obviously is tempting, particularly after the social democrats have suggested the same in July, too.

Clinica De Radiologia

This welcome medical addition to Almuñécar opens on September 5th and will offer General Radiology, Mammography, Dental Radiology and Ultrasound scans. All done with the highest quality digital imaging, so you can rest assured that it will provide an accurate diagnosi

The Hidden Advertising Truth

Surely you have come across one of those unbelievable ads of how to lose weight in your sleep. One tends to see one of those six-pack stomachs snoozing and a voice in the in-off tells you that this is how you’re going to look when taking Dr. Fartys Wonderpills. I always find these things an assault to human intelligence and wonder genuinely how anybody can believe such rubbish. Until..

Sensible Doctors at Last?

Scientific research has just demonstrated, scientifically, that a manually obtained blood pressure in the doctor’s office is higher than a blood pressure taken by an automated device without a white-coated doc insight – big news?