Summer Break

Thanks to the summer break I can seamlessly continue the story Merkel & Sarkozy. Initially I did not want to touch the subject (too complicated and too serious), but now it obviously is tempting, particularly after the social democrats have suggested the same in July, too.

Remember M&S wanting to calm “the markets,” like they did before and before and before. And they managed to calm them to a degree that they keep worrying about Spain because it owes little, about Italy because it owes a lot and about France because if you take 2 you pay for 3. But this time M&S are absolutely sure to have calmed “the markets:” umbrellas are out and breaks are in, debt breaks.

Well, I don’t know where they have been in 1993, but certainly not in Maastricht when the Euro debt break was introduced and then broken for the first time by Germany.

They want to enshrine the debt break in every countries constitution like the Germans have done, that is like letting people pay for the holes in Emmental cheese, if you want to visualize the loopholes. And finally they agreed on common French-German finance policies, or did they agree on German-French policies?

Oh, I forgot the financial transaction tax – never talked about that one before. And if all that does not work, they’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know when, but I know they’ll meet again some sunny day. Keep smiling through like they always do, ‘til the blue skies drive the dark markets far away, (if all the finger wagging wasn’t enough, or was it tail wagging?).

This meeting was so successful, that Merkel is convinced that Euro bonds are in the “distant future.” Trouble is that distant means something different to a goldfish, a Greek, a French, a German and “the markets,” whereby I strongly believe that the goldfish and “the markets” share the same definition.

It also was decided, that the environmental friendliness of cars now will be calculated according to the relation of CO2 emission and weight. Encouraging, because Merkel said at the G8-meeting in 2007 that big strides had been made to prevent climate change.

Now she took the next one. Depending on the car you drive, it may be more environmentally friendly to get your newspaper with a tank not a Smart. And it might be better if you are fat, because your car has to carry more weight but still is emitting the same amount of CO2. As a consequence this means that an elephant has less of an environmental impact than its flea, a fact any elephant would agree with. Fortunately the second German legislative chamber limited the validity of this law to three years, thus stopping short of calling it clientele politics.

Last not least we just remembered the 50th anniversary of the construction of the (Berlin) Wall, which fortunately fell in 1989 effectively ending the cold war. The effects of the division now are far less noticeable in Germany, but you know what: Somalia is still suffering from those effects after fighting an American-Soviet proxy war with Ethiopia more than 30 years ago.

The country never got back on it’s feet again and the current hunger is more a reflection of the political chaos than of the drought, although it really could do with a summer break. Research shows, that poor governance increases the adverse effects of nature. So give generously, the people who’ll survive will thank you – some aid always gets through!

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