editorial comments on topical news subjects

A Kick in the Teeth

SPN Prime Minister Sanchez

The very backbone of the Spanish economy is made up of autónomos (self-employed workers) yet the measures announced by the Government ignore them.

Worried about Brexit?

COS Brexit Survey

This question has nothing to do with whether you are in favour or not, but rather how you feel it is going to affect your living here or holiday-home stays.

Parking Rebels

MOT Parking Rebels

The ban on parking on the edge of the beach on Playa Poniente is resulting in a clash between administrations and skirmishes with rebel parkers.

Park And Be Damned

MOT Playa Granada, prohibido aparcar

No matter that Costas has been fining the paintwork off cars parked on the beach on Playa Granada – it’s the weekend and there’s nowhere else to park.

The Vote Bazaar

MOT Antonio Escámez

What has happened in Motril is arguably a demonstration of how for some politicians, neither ideology nor the good of the town even enters into their equations.

Political Unease

In all the years that I have worked for the Gazette I have never made known my personal political preference in local politics concerning the Elecciones Municipales.