Regional news from Andalucia

Mean Flying Lessons

A man in Jaén has been fined 2,001 euros by the Junta de Andalucía for throwing a turkey out of a bell tower for fun.

1001st Post

Well, we have just clicked up our thousandth post on the new Seaside Gazette website, making this article the 1001st post, which is not bad, seeing as this online version of the Seaside Gazette has only been going since April 2009 – a little over a year. At the moment we have around 1,700 visits…

British Embassy News Letter

While some may think of Spain and its Costas simple as a retirement destination, the reality is that it is also a popular choice for couples and young families.

July Regional News

Plenty of articles on the antics of our police forces, so let’s start with the variety of policemen that we all love for their shear efficiency – the Local Police…

Woo-Hoo! España!

Football history for Spain! Great match and tonight the streets are thronging. Red and Yellow everywhere: on flags, faces, wigs, and T-shirts Tonight the crisis is forgotten For an excellent account of the match, which you saw, anyway, but from an American point of view, click on this link